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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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steve jobs sigrid fbi file. -- secret fbi file. abc 7 news starts now. >>live and in hd, this is abc 7 11:00. >> two big stories. a local fire department has shocked when one of their killed on duty. and it has been's heartbreak his wife was shot and husband's heartbreak his wife was shot and killed by a police officer. >> jennifer, i understand you the firetion from who knew him.e >> this is the first line of duty death for the alexandria department in more than 100 years.
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memorial thate formed outside of a firehouse six. bring it have began to flowers. -- begun to bring the flowers. >> joshua weissman was racing to fire on 395. he jumped a guard rail but there between the freeways. he fell 30 feet down into the creek. josh spend a lot of time on freeways. this area had a very tough configuration. more, we will share. >> it was dark and rainy. why he fell through the gaps is unknown. he suffered a severe head injury. he stayed on life-support overnight. injuries were great. loved ones and co-workers said their final goodbyes today.
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>> i feel extremely sorry for family and wife. this has to be -- i am shocked. >> like those close to him, his say they prayed he through.l >> it is a hard thing. is a good guy. know he is a dedicated worker. coat and helmut now rest outside. a stark reminder of how dangerous the cost to serve can be. >> he was always positive. heard a negative word. >> fairfax county firefighters, county firefighters, from reaganters airport are filling in needed inthey are as they ares long needed. there are two investigations the man won by
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police. state there is also an internal investigation in alexandria. >> thank you very much. new at 11:00 for our other big night, a woman is killed by a police officer near a church. that officer is on routine leave.trative it happened on north east st. in culpeper. -- heartbroken and shock. other members of this community, dumbfounded as to happened in this lot that ended with a police officer opening fire on a 53-year-old woman. >> patricia cook poses with her husband for a photo. it would be the last one they take. >> it is difficult. >> her husband chokes down tears
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to piece together her final moments. they drove up. from there it escalated. she was shot. >> it was just before 10:00 when received a call for a vehicle.s the officer arrived, he said there was an altercation. witnesses say when she tried to away, the officer fired shots into the jeep wrangler at point-blank range. >> she was unharmed. the biggest thing she would have her his wife was a retired cosmetologist. spent her time making for sunday school classes. neighbors are in this belief. she has always been very nice. say.not know what to
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i am just really shocked. >> i still have a lot of questions. to find out what is going on. >> a virginia state police are the ones conducting the into the shooting. the officer has been placed on pending theve leave the investigation. a five-yearhe is veteran. >> new at 11:00, we are learning struggle -- we are about the track down of potomac river rapist. they have yet to identify any suspects. the rapist is responsible for on women in the the 1998including christine mirzayan. >> the volatile romantic relationship between george and yeardley love took in the trial today.
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thetestified he saw volatile relationship up close. burns saw george huguely love at ag yeardley with his arms around her neck. she was crying. others that responded on the of her death thought they an alcoholding to overdose. a bloody and bruised love who was not breathing. the defense maintains she died failure from alcohol. stay with abc news for complete trial.e of the [applause] is tweakingcker --m the court room plus, gail pennybacker is
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treating from the court room. >> let's check and see what is happening over night. bob ryan has his first look. >> it is a bit on the chilly side. some clouds of come in. temperatures above freezing as you can see. think we are going to be of big weather changes as we go through the weekend. show you something you seen before. we will show you some really dramatic weather in other parts including a touch of winter here when you join us. >> thank you so much. rick santorum is trying to ride momentum 48 hours after his caucus and primary sweep. he targeted at least one super .uesday states held this rally in oklahoma city today. comes as the campaign says raised $1 million in the 24
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after the sweep of three states on tuesday. >> in the meantime, newt and rick mitt romney, santorum are planning on cpac conference. is skipping the conference. also new at 11:00, the state of is a hot topic. going to introduce to you a few controversial that some say are healthy, even revolutionary. >> we are talking about committedips where have some sexual others.ships with everyone is sold on these modern love matches. arenita and tim illig just back from their honeymoon. but it is not just the two of
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them. have a date with my boyfriend tonight. >> they are both polyandrous. they have decided to have relationships outside of their marriage. >> we support each other. it works out well for us. can be companion ship, romance, or sex. >> if i have somebody over for night, we will be in the guest room. our bet is our sacred the marital bed. -- our bed is our sacred >> some have rules like out of only and people you will never see again. couples really do negotiate own rules. >> it is not just married couples. inherentis no
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constraints in the relationship. in some ways, the best part somebodyn relate to and it does not matter if it goes sexual or not. >> if i see the two of them kissing and i get a painted, i make a request. make at a little pang, i request. would like to have a date with you. >> as long as what he is doing is not something that will create problems for us, that is his business. he is a great guy, too. ladies are definitely interested in my husband. >> critics denounce it as immoral and dilute the -- the divorce rate is very difficult to come by because many keep a secret. >> interesting.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, a school bus and engulfed in flames with children inside. we will tell you how the escaped from this. giffords may have a big influence on her replaces her. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices
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you are watching abc 7 news side.00 on your apple empire is under two reasons. protests outside of the georgetown store and other parts of the country. involves lateon jobs and a federal investigation into his life. >> it highlights a dark side to his life. people say, some
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legacy is secure because of the continuing popularity of products like that he came up with and popularity of this one in georgetown. report shows he was not always an honest businessman. will it tarnish his legacy? >> i will always have respect for him. >> many customers say they still love steve jobs. he did what he wanted to do. i am all about that. >> some of the report made public is not flattering of steve jobs. the fbi examined him before the arst president bush gave him cabinet position. several individuals questioned honesty stating that jobs will twist the truth
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to distort reality in order achieve his goals. the report also talked about his past drug use. >> sometimes when people do great things and their professional lives, you might perfect peoplebe as well. usually not the case. i do not want to pass judgment on him a. say what matters what the company sells. i think it comes down to the product. if we are trying to dig up dirt on somebody who is no this earth to look at personal practices, that withd have nothing to do the business level. >> some of the folks in this good things tory say about steve jobs. it also said that way back then, steve jobs was a victim of a threat. out in the and there
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was no bomb. >> thank you very much. apple is planning on introducing ipad in march. it should be launched in san francisco. might return steve -- you steve jobsber from medical leave to ipad 2.he smoke out of00, of the school bus as you see here a moment after it burst into flames. police say the driver hustled out of thes the busy back door of before flames spread throughout the vehicle. faulty wiring may have fallen engine. hot >> a former aide of gabrielle is running to complete her term. barber will seek the .omination after
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she resigned last month to focus on her recovery. is a race we have to watch. watch weather coming in. >> a little bit of '80s for the snow lovers. will be one of the coldest -- bit of a tease for the snow levels. it will be one of the coldest weekends. the exciting part is also watching snowmelts. this is a timeout. -- this is a time lapse. look at the snow -- damascus' elementary school will have an tomorrow.cess how we look from out of space. across northern maryland, there some snow in the mountains of west virginia.
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this is some of the great images i can get from the university of wisconsin. here is great weather coming our way. heard about the cold out in europe? is what is going on. there is a cold front in africa a stream in going way to the south. temperatures and venice is 25 degrees. in the ukraine is four below zero. worst whether they had. some of the canals are freezing in venice. at home, it is a pattern where we have a stream little dipake a briefly. large it has been a mild winter. getting a break in alaska. to come our way. as we go through the next 24 hours, we have a little of
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only behat will temporary. it will be bringing in some cold air. last front coming through, there will be some changing to some wet here as moving out of into saturday. sunday morning will be one of days this winter. as you head out, temperature's only around freezing. that is close to our low temperature. then in the cold front begins coming our way. overnight tomorrow night some showers changing into wet snow. get intoer as we saturday. by sunday morning, a lot of spots will be in the teens. there could be passing snow you can keep posted 24/7.
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>> it was a crazy night in the phone booth. just two and a half minutes left, winnipeg scored twice in two minutes. this goes off the backboard. what a great shot from a tough angle. one-zero capital. this is a great pass. there was a tight window and it was 2-0 washington. this is a six on three power play. still no problem. thinking, a two-one. get it back and a wild shot. almost from the blue line. bounce and the jets win in a shootout. of those hockey
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players that happens and hockey. goes for you sometimes and it against the sometimes. let's go to college basketball. the hurricanes ran out to a 22- half lead. tech kept fighting back. eric green drive and gets fouled. they were within seven. the hurricanes got on another run. goes for the bonus. like a scope, miami rolls past virginia tech. are 2-6 in the acc. hokies are 2-6 in the acc. this, where is troy emperor? there he is.
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they played the first round of the pebble beach pro-am and the headliner, tiger woods, who is trying to win his first pga event in over two years. tiger had six birdies, four bogeys and three over par. tomorrowl announce which college he is going to, talkand danny o'brien will family about possibly from maryland. >> we will see what he decides. [ male announcer ] for some reason
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little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ >> changes on the way tomorrow. rain showers, and then we will it turn to snow.
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cold air, maybe enough to stick to the ground. >> it will finally feel like winter. least for a few days. >> i hope you are happy. you have been pulling for this.
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